Wartime Consigliere: Here Are the Policies the Next RNC General Counsel Must Consider to Outflank Leftist Lawfare and Secure the 2024 Election
With news of the recent departure of RINO RNC General Counsel, Charlie Spies, there is now a prime opening for the next General Counsel to lay down a truly bold, MAGA-aligned agenda to ensure the election procedures and laws are as fortified and secure as possible in the lead-up to the 2024 election.

With news of the recent departure of RINO RNC General Counsel, Charlie Spies, there is now a prime opening for the next General Counsel to lay down a truly bold, MAGA-aligned agenda to ensure the election procedures and laws are as fortified and secure as possible in the lead-up to the 2024 election.

Special attention must invariably be placed on critical battleground states like Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

By fortifying election procedures in those states, an undertaking that must prioritize maximizing voter turnout via registration campaigns and ballot harvesting efforts coupled with a legal strategy centered on bringing transparency and accountability back to electioneering, Republicans will find themselves having a much easier time litigating irregularities and fraud if and when those problems do reoccur, rather than having to play again from behind – much as they did four years ago.

One of the advantages of enduring these last four grueling, dismal, miserable years – a period of unprecedented constitutional breakdown in American history defined by witch-hunts, political persecutions, censorship, gaslighting, deplatforming, and general conspiracy and paranoia – is that more Americans than ever are awakened to the harsh realities of voter fraud and election corruption generally speaking; and the horrors that might befall the republic if those issues are ignored and left to fester and metastasize.

America now finds itself on the brink of totalitarianism; a despotism once characteristic of socialist and communist banana republics to our South has arrived on these shores with a vengeance.

This explains the importance of the 2024 presidential election in a nutshell: its outcome will determine whether the United States continues to sustain as a bastion of freedom the world over or succumb to tyranny once and for all. There is no third option.

President Trump arrived on the political scene in 2016, when nearly all hope was lost, and breathed life into our decadent and desiccated nation – made weak over decades by a bipartisan consensus in Washington that engorged on the excesses of its own self-indulgence — an indulgence that has carved out America’s middle class by offshoring industrial jobs to places like China, while empowering our foreign adversaries to the detriment of our national security – and overall sovereignty.

Despite having been unceremoniously ousted from office in 2020, and targeted maliciously thereafter by a multi-pronged rapacious gaslighting campaign, executed by that same bipartisan consensus that bled America to near ruin, hardly anyone believed Donald Trump would be able to stage a comeback from so great a defeat.  And yet here we are.

Blessedly, miraculously, the 45th President finds himself in a formidable political position four years since that dismal departure.  By the force of his own indomitable will, aided by God’s good grace, President Trump is polling arguably better than he ever has at any point in his nearly ten-year sojourn in politics.

The traits that made Donald Trump such a tremendous salesman in private life have transmuted with uncanny dexterity to his political career.  His branding skills that made the Trump name a standalone product later in his career remain unparalled.

He has the entrepreneur’s penchant for problem-solving, and the marketeer’s knack for making complex policy issues digestible for mass consumption.  This explains the phenomenon of the Trump rally, which has no equivalent in the history of presidential politics – or, really, the politics of any nation.

The rally is at one and the same time quintessentially American and consummately Donald Trump: these go hand-in-hand in explaining the President’s durability, having withstood – and continuing to withstand – the tidal wave of criticism and attacks by a bloated administrative state.

The administrative or deep state can mobilize at the ready a coterie of apparatchiks in the media, judicial system, big tech, and even non-governmental organizations and institutions, which collectively march to the beat of the drum of the Biden Regime’s orders.

President Trump’s prowess on the campaign trail remains unrivaled; his popularity, coupled with his white martyrdom at the hand of a weaponized justice system, to which he has frequently made comparisons to Nelson Mandela, has only emboldened the MAGA faithful this cycle, more so than in 2020 or 2016.

The President’s supporters viscerally feel that the country is on the line, and that the 45th President is truly the only thing preventing the feds waging an all-out assault on their fundamental rights and liberties.

Indeed, in many cases, they already have: between the prosecutions of the J6 “political hostages,” to the crackdown on traditional Catholic masses and parents who protest the curricula of woke school boards, the Biden Regime has waged warfare directly on the American people, in a manner that is starkly reminiscent (for those Americans who lived through it) of the kinds of witch hunts routinely carried out in the former Soviet Union, or communist Cuba.

A Policy Approach For The Next RNC General Counsel

Which brings me back to the RNC.  While President Trump right now must focus his attention on the indictments, trials, campaigning, and rallies, the RNC and its new General Counsel should strategize a counter-offensive, playing both offense and defense, to capitalize — and complement — as much as possible on President Trump’s success on the campaign trail, and the unintended political windfall he has thus far received from his many show trials.

Fundraising is one part of the equation, and under the new leadership it would appear based on recent reports that the newly overhauled RNC is doing quite well raking in the dough.  But there is much more to winning than simply fundraising.

Being able to raise money is one side of the equation; deploying that money economically and efficiently, in a way that maximizes utility – factoring time constraints and personnel talent – is a completely different animal.

On that note, an effective RNC strategy would make the following agenda items a priority:

1. Engage the New York Gag Order: The need to run a counteroffensive for President Trump, while he is unable to speak and criticize the trial (which is teeming with disqualifying conflicts of interest), is of utmost importance.

The gag order can be criticized in myriad ways.  Surrogates, including politicians who visit the courthouse – like, just this past week, Vivek Ramawamy, Sen. J.D. Vance, Gov. Doug Burgum, Rep. Byron Donalds, and Rep. Mike Johnson – should take to the airwaves, be it cable television, radio, print, and podcasting, to explain why Judge Merchan is egregiously wrong for having undermined the President’s due process and First Amendment rights.

Because of what is at stake here, the Constitution literally hangs in the balance, this narrative that Merchan is undermining the Constitution must be drilled home persistently, relentlessly.  Politicians should encourage their peers, no matter their political office, to show up at the courthouse and sit there in solidarity with President Trump.  They should likewise encourage their constituents to peacefully protest outside the courthouse, and continue to do so as long as the show trial remains in effect.  They should demand Merchan recuse himself every single day until he does, or until he feels enough public pressure to step down from his post.

2. Engage in Counter Lawfare: The Right must learn from the Left and engage in counter lawfare.  Speaker Johnson should subpoena Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, and Judge Merchan.  While they currently operate behind closed doors (since cameras are not allowed in New York State criminal proceedings), they should be required to account for their actions, before the cameras, in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

Pledge to set up investigations into every rogue judge, prosecutor, district attorney, and attorney general once the Republicans reclaim power.  House Republicans, especially within the New York GOP delegation, should inundate the New York State Court system with ethics complaints and lawsuits to signal their disapproval of what is going on.  Congress should consider subpoenaing the New York State Bar, and if necessary, file charges against them for allowing Alvin Bragg and Letitia James to run roughshod over the New York judicial system.

The RNC can actively aid and abet Congress’ efforts, by mobilizing media campaigns and making lawfare strategy recommendations, of the kind outlined above.  Alternatively, the RNC could draft and issue “letters of complaint,” a more informal method of attack, but in keeping with the general sentiment to always be on the offensive.

3. Investigate the Watchdog and Pressure Groups. The RNC must not only keep track of the groups that target media companies like Fox News and Newsmax with defamation lawsuits that prevent commentators to this day from discussing the outcome determinative fraud affecting the 2020 presidential election in any great detail.

Recently, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani was put on leave from WABC radio for discussing the fraud and irregularities of the 2020 election – under no circumstances should anyone be professionally penalized for raising legitimate questions and conducting legitimate inquiries and investigations into our election procedures.  If that topic is taken off the table, it is impossible to ensure free and fair elections, which is the lynchpin of our democracy.  If there was no fraud, then let those who believe there was fraud to be discredited in the court of public opinion.

That is, after all, the whole point of the First Amendment.  But to continue to shut those down who raise such allegations raises a strong suspicion that there in fact was fraud, and plausibly to a scale that was outcome determinative.  Indeed, what else accounts for the fact that Joe Biden, who purportedly received more votes than any man in American history for President, also happens to have the lowest poll numbers in history?

Make that make sense.  What is more, we now know, even more so than in the weeks and months immediately following the 2020 election, that there was evidence of systemic fraud – a ton of it, more of which continues to come out by the day and constantly redefines the narrative of just how corrupt the 2020 presidential race actually was.

One recent development, to drive the point home, is that Georgia’s State Election Board is now reviewing an allegation that Fulton County double counted thousands of ballots. Considering that Georgia was officially decided by an asserted 11,000 votes – the over 3,000 that were double-counted in Fulton County (which is surely indicative of fraud in other counties if proper investigations were allowed to be made), eats a significant portion of that vote total.

This is of course just one of many cases of widespread fraud that occurred in not only Georgia, but other key battleground states like Arizona, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.  Thus, the RNC must create a strategy with a focus on maximizing transparency into electioneering processes.

This calls for monitoring vote tabulation and ballot processing all throughout election season – with resources allocated based on the importance of the state or voting area.  So, for instance, Fulton County, Philadelphia County, and Maricopa County should be prioritized over counties in conventionally non-competitive states.

4. Counter-Lawfare Strategy: Lawyers must be deployed on the ground, at the scene, on election day and on the days leading up to election day, to monitor electioneering processes to ensure best practices.  Moreover, from a macro level, a counter-lawfare strategy must be devised to allow discussion of allegations of fraud without fear of reprisal.

One’s First Amendment right to speak freely and criticize and expose fraudulent election practices is inalienable and must be rigorously guarded in the courts of law.  Where courts fail to uphold this sacred duty, appeals must be made.

Lawyers should also work to curb egregious attacks by the Left on the First Amendment – such as the absurdly high legal penalty Mayor Giuliani (as just one example) faces for criticizing the Dominion Voting Systems.  Under no circumstances should one’s free speech rights be stripped away so callously and ruthlessly as Giuliani (and many others) experienced – which resulted in numerous professional and personal costs, including his recent termination by WABC radio.

Media organizations like WABC and Fox News should not feel pressure by activist left wing pressure groups – who get away with suing their political adversaries to oblivion.  That should not be tolerated in a society that purports to uphold the rule of law (to say nothing of that little document called the Constitution).

An RNC-led conservative counter-lawfare strategy must lay down rigorous procedures to clearly telegraph that Left wing subversion into election procedures will no longer be tolerated – and if the Left attempts any funny business, they will be retaliated tenfold by the Right, with an blitzkrieg of lawsuits that will render leftist pressure groups bankrupt, and force them to heel.

That must be the general strategy and mentality of the next RNC and General Counsel, in particular.  And it is imperative that they embark upon a media campaign to let their political opponents know that they mean business and will not be playing around.

5. Prevent Illegal Aliens From Voting:  Given that Joe Biden’s border policy (or lack thereof) will unleash an estimated 7-10 million migrants (or more) into the American homeland once his term expires, it is imperative that the RNC leads a strong initiative to prevent illegal aliens from voting.

What should be a top priority for the RNC’s next General Counsel is to propose legislation that would make a felony of any non-citizen who votes in any election, and any institution – such as NGOs like Catholic Charities – that receive federal grants which might aid and abet illegal voting.  The Republican-controlled House of Representatives should pass this legislation before Election Day, and the Senate should try to.

If the Senate fails to pass it, the Democrats – and Biden – will have to own the policy of effectively licensing illegals to vote, which a supermajority of American voters vehemently oppose.  The next RNC General Counsel should also recommend that the House strip all funding – in terms of grants, mandates, and other federal monies – to NGOs that have facilitated Biden’s migrant catastrophe.

The RNC should also ask states to pass laws in special sessions that would make non-citizens voting a felony and encourage Republican Attorneys General to lead on this.

Politically, such policies could be a huge windfall for down ballot Republicans this cycle, given that, again, most Americans – of all political affiliations – absolutely abhor the idea of illegals and non-citizens voting in any election: local, state, or federal.

Let me repeat a third time: the overwhelming majority of Americans don’t want illegals voting in their elections (as it stands, dead people are bad enough!). Make the Democrats own this issue by passing legislation in the House as well as Republican-controlled state legislatures.  Not only would this initiative set a nice foundation for securing our elections, but it would be hugely politically advantageous.

The definition of lawfare is “waging war by use of law.”  Does anyone on the Right recognize that we are not in a debate or a conversation about the future?  Politics is war by other means.  We are at war!  Time for the next RNC General Counsel to adopt a war footing – before it is too late.

As the Don said of Spies, “you are not a wartime consigliere.” We are in war; the next General Counsel must have what it takes to win, win, win!

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